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The Return to Love

Facilitating the Divine Union of Masculine
and Feminine energies within the Hearts
of Men and Women


One-day workshop with Miguel Dean and Isabel Angélica
Ericeira, Portugal – 26/Sept/2020

In our time together we will meet in the energy of the heart and experience ceremony, music and movement in order to catalyze the divine marriage of the masculine and feminine within.


In this transformative, gently guided by Miguel and Isabel, sacred space you will receive guidance and become aware of where you are currently not fully honoring yourself and what you need to do differently in your relationship with yourself and with others.


Your time with Miguel and Isabel will enable you to deepen your sovereignty and claim your rightful place on the throne as the king or queen that you truly are.

Who can participate?

- all men and women who feel they need a new understanding of themselves

- those who need to understand the matrices in force at the present time on Planet Earth and what we are asked for at an internal and collective level



How it will be processed:


This will be a one-day workshop taking place in Ericeira (Portugal), where we will be inspired by the sea and the healing energy.


The work takes place from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm, with a lunch break.


Lunch will be shared with everyone, so we invite participants to bring their contributions.


The space has limited spaces in order to maintain the depth of the work.


The workshop takes place in Portuguese and English with translation.

Miguel e Isabel english.png


Full payment until August 20, 2020 - 60 € (EARLYBIRD!)


Full payment after 21 / August / 2020 - 80 €


Phased - registration until August 20, 2020 - 30 € and payment of the remaining 45 € until the day of the workshop


Early registration through the email or at the link below.


At the time of registration, all details will be facilitated for the effectiveness.


The details of the location of the space where this work will be carried out will be facilitated after payment. Closer to the event, all coordinates for the preparations will be facilitated.


Who is Miguel Dean?


Miguel’s gentle but strong, grounded, sacred masculine energy creates a beautiful safe, space from which to relax, open and heal. As well as a healing catalyst and holder of sacred space he is also a writer and author of his much acclaimed latest book

Bring Him Home - A Twin Flame Love Story.

He was born in 1968 in Colchester, England where he had a traumatic start to life with the death of his mother when he was seven months old. As a result his childhood and youth were challenging and as a young man, he spiraled down into a life of violence, petty crime, addiction and homelessness in which he spent seven years living on the road as a New Age Traveler. It was the love of his new born son that inspired and motivated him to begin to take responsibility and make changes. This was the beginning of a rich, varied and tumultuous journey to return home to himself,

peace, love and inner union.

For many years he worked empowering disadvantaged youth though his focus is now on sacred masculinity, conscious relationships and divine union through holding men’s circles, writing, workshops and his one to one Sacred Union Mentoring.

His writing and healing are all in alignment with his passion to serve and ease the transition, from what no longer serves humanity and the planet, into a more beautiful world for our children and the generations to come.


Quem é Isabel Angélica?


Isabel has been doing her spiritual development for 30 years, having created the School of Mysteries for Human and Spiritual Development – Terras de Lyz on 11/11/2011 and facilitates Women's Circles in May 2013.

She was born in 1973 and started her journey only at the age of 17 in the sense of understanding the issues of Good and Evil, having directed her vocation to the Service to Humanity in Human and Spiritual Development, marrying the psyche and the spirit to essential parts of human ascension.


She presents herself as a Priestess, a woman of medicine, a serpent woman, instructor, author, a therapist, a medium, and also as a Midwife of Souls in Life and Death, Doula of Rainbow Humanity in the unification of the Feminine and Masculine and also Archaeologist of the Human Emotions and Shadow Worker.


Isabel is also a walker with the Earth Medicines and the Vision Quest on the Red Path (Fuego Sagrado de Itzachilatlan).


She manifests herself in the Service of the Great Mystery Goddess / God.



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